The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Moving Artist: Keeping Your Artwork Safe While Moving

Alexa Brooks

Moving is usually a stressful time for almost everyone, but there is extra stress when most of the items you move are delicate. The way you package items and who you hire as movers can make a significant difference in the safety of your artwork.


Unlike moving household items, the shape and size of the containers you use are more important. The goal is for the artwork to have as little room as possible to move around during transport. Some types of artwork can be rolled-up for transport in cylindrical containers. Generally, this works well for dry mediums done on paper, such as colored pencils. Since graphite smears easily and it's too risky to roll these drawings, even if you cover it with parchment paper. It is better to stack these pieces with parchment between each drawing and place them in a portfolio or box.


All types of artwork will need some amount of cushioning so it survives transport. First, you will want to wrap the items in acid-free paper. You do not want your artwork directly touching the box or packaging materials. Although it may not seem like a big deal, even small amounts of acid can affect the longevity of your work. Packing peanuts are a good choice for statues and ceramics. With this type of artwork, the space between the piece and the box is typically an irregular shape, and packing peanuts can easily fill those spaces. Sheets of foam are a good choice for mounted paintings. When you place the painting in the box, make sure the painting stays upright rather than storing it flat on the ground. Then, use a couple of sheets of foam to cushion it by sandwiching the painting between the foam. The foam should help prevent the glass in the frame from breaking.


When you have many pieces of artwork to move, you will need to be more selective about the movers you choose. Ideally, you will find movers that have expertise in white glove moving. This means the movers know how to move sensitive or large items like pianos. Hiring white glove movers will give you the best chance at your artwork arriving safely. Be sure to label each container as "fragile," the type of artwork it contains, and whether it needs to remain upright. This can be helpful to the movers when they are choosing where items go in the truck or which pieces they want to move first.

Artwork requires an extra level of care when moving. Packaging your artwork appropriately can help it survive the move and prevent it from coming into contact with chemicals that reduce the longevity of the piece. Contact a liftgate delivery service to learn more.


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