The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

Confirm These Attributes When You Hire A Santa Claus

Alexa Brooks

Hiring a performer who specializes in playing the role of Santa Claus can immediately add an exciting vibe to any Christmas event you're hosting. While these events tend to have a jolly atmosphere on their own, the addition of Santa will immediately bring feelings of joy to those in attendance—and especially any children who are at the event. You'll want to look online to find a local Santa performer to hire. There are lots of things to confirm before you choose the right performer. Don't be afraid to look into these attributes before you hire your Santa Claus. 


While there are many Santa Claus performers who slip a synthetic beard on when they get dressed to play this role, there are others who have a natural white beard. The former type of performer can be suitable, but you may feel that a Santa Claus with a real beard will be the best fit for your event. If there will be children in attendance who still believe in Santa but who are a little older, you want the performer to look as real as possible to them. An older, skeptical child might identify a fake beard, but they'll be impressed with a real beard.


When a lot of people think of Santa Claus, they picture a white man. You'll see a lot of performers who have this ethnicity, but you may not necessarily feel that this option will be the best fit for your event. For example, if you belong to a group that primarily has Black members and you're interested in having the Santa Claus performer have a skin tone that reflects that of your group's young members, you might want to think about hiring someone who is Black. Santa performers have different ethnicities, so it's easy to find someone who suits what you want.


Don't overlook thinking about the height of the Santa Claus performer you hire. Children often think of this special character as being larger than life, so a performer who is taller than average can be a good option. A Santa with a tall physical stature can also make for some cute photo opportunities with small children at the event. Browse the photo gallery of a few Santa performers to get a sense of how tall they are compared to others around them. To learn more about hiring a Santa Claus for an upcoming gathering, contact a local Santa for hire.


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