The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

What Can Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Services Tell You?

Alexa Brooks

After a violent crime occurs, many people are unhappy with the types of scientific analysis available. This is why so many people and groups turn to third-party services for analysis.

Are you thinking about hiring a bloodstain analysis professional to assess a crime scene? Do you want a second opinion? These are some of the things that a professional may be able to tell you about a scene.

Source of the Blood

Often, the analysis leads to a better understanding of the source of the blood. For example, the analysis may offer that there is more than one source of blood, meaning that there could be several wounds bleeding or blood from multiple parties present at the scene.

Impact of Energy

Analysis can also provide more information about the type of energy associated with an action. For example, the stains may reveal the force used to prompt the bleeding. A fast injury will result in bleeding that looks different from a slow injury.

Movement & Positions of Involved Parties

Often, professionals use bloodstain analysis to determine where people were located and how they moved when the action occurred.

For instance, the bloodstain may indicate that one party was positioned on top of the other, which could indicate that an event occurred in self-defense rather than as part of a random assault on another.

Direction of Travel

Bloodstain analysis can also determine the direction in which something occurred or the direction a type of force moved. For instance, the investigator will be able to piece together who moved where after a blow or injury occurred.

Additionally, investigators can use this information to determine which part of the body, and which side, was injured. This provides more information as to the movements of the body and the items involved.

Event Sequence

Often, a story is constructed based on bloodstain analysis. The investigator will put all the clues together in an effort to piece together a step-by-step analysis that others will be able to understand.

Investigators try to put together a story based on both blood and other materials available to them. The goal is to provide context to the matter.

Consult With a Bloodstain Analysis Professional

A professional can provide a lot more insight into your analysis of a scene. If you are uncertain about the next steps to move a case forward, a professional can offer more insight into why you should consider hiring these services.

For more information on bloodstain pattern analysis services, contact a company near you.


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