The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

Buying Promotional Stickers And Decals For Your Business

Alexa Brooks

Stickers and decals with your company logo or some design related to it are a great item to give away at trade shows or include in packages that you are shipping to customers. Stickers or decals can be an excellent way for people to show their loyalty to a company or a product and are not overly expensive to have made. 

Sticker Designs

People will often put stickers on many things as a way to show their support for your product, like a car window, the case of their laptop, or any number of other places that people may see it. The design of the sticker is something you need to consider because if you are promoting them as window decals, they should have a transparent background. 

Die-cut stickers can be printed on any color material, but white is the most common. The sticker is printed on the vinyl and then cut into the shape of the design, leaving only a small border around the edge. Unfortunately, these stickers are a little harder to produce because the company making the sticker or decal needs to have the equipment to cut them out as well. 

Materials And Durability

If you are giving away stickers with your company name, logo, or other product on them, it is essential that they are printed on a high-quality vinyl and that the ink used will stand up to weather and other abuse. For example, a car window sticker that fades over time starts to look like a blob of vinyl that no one can identify after a while, and the purpose of the sticker is lost. 

If the stickers fade or run and look bad, the sticker will likely be removed from the car and thrown away. Taking the time to do some research and find a company with good reviews to produce your stickers or decals can make a difference. The cost might be a little higher than some other companies, but it is often worth the added expense if the quality is better. 

Buying In Bulk

If you will be giving the stickers away to clients, customers, and potential customers, it is a good idea to purchase the stickers in bulk. If you need the stickers or decals for an event, you will need to plan so you can have plenty on hand. 

Contact the company making the stickers to see how much lead time they need for the number of stickers you want and order your stickers accordingly. If there is not enough time to get them before your event, you may need to reduce the order quantity and be more sparing in how you give them away. 


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