The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

3 Mistakes Private Club Owners Make That Can Be Detrimental To Their Businesses

Alexa Brooks

Whether it is a country club, sports club, or something else, private clubs can be an attractive business model, and they can truly be profitable. However, many private club owners make some pretty critical mistakes in how they operate. Seeking out a skilled private club consulting agency can yield you a great deal of insight into mistakes you may be making that are hindering your profit and success. Here is a look at a few of the most common mistakes private club owners make. 

Not realizing how each area of operation affects the other. 

There are four primary components of most private clubs: membership, facilities, governance, and operation. If anything is not being properly handled in any of these areas, it can have a bleed-through effect on everything else. For example, if you are not charging enough for memberships, it can affect how you pay for maintaining the facilities. Or, if there is no proper governance, membership dues can go overlooked and payments can be missed. In order for a private club to operate most efficiently, profitably, and effectively, all four aspects of the business must be properly handled. A private club strategic planning service can help make sure that happens. 

Not keeping close enough tabs on memberships. 

As the owner of a private club, the dues that members pay every month or year are one of your primary types of profit. If you are not carefully monitoring payments to make sure the dues are being paid in a timely manner, you can easily be costing your business money. For example, if you have several members that do not pay their dues on time and you allow them to continue to take up a membership slot, you are essentially costing the business what you would be making on those dues.

Not making sure facilities and memberships are properly marketed. 

You can have the best facilities, the best membership perks, and the best prices for membership, but if what you have to offer your target consumer base is not properly marketed, you can have issues. When you start working with a private club consulting firm for help, one of the things they will address is how well you are marketing the facilities and memberships. If the consultant determines that there are shortcomings, they will work with you to create a strategic, comprehensive marketing plan that can be more effective at bringing people in. 

To learn more, contact a private club consulting agency.


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