The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

Personalized Engravings And Inspirational Quotes Are Motivating Workforces

Alexa Brooks

Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on employee engagement and motivational consultants. That expense is not surprising considering the cost of unhappy employees. The cost of a disengaged employee is about one-third of their annual salary — that is, $15,980 for the average $47,000 salary.

More companies are making the personalized engraving of work objects a part of their employee engagement tools. Companies already spend money on engraving initials and names into watches and pens. These mementos are timeless keepsakes. But if you want to achieve real cultural transformation, etching the power of words into an engraving is a way to inspire and motivate workforces. 

The following personalized engraving gifts are designed to motivate and engage your employees.

Share Generational Wisdom 

The most valuable competitive tools of a business are the words of wisdom and fine craftsmanship skills passed down through the generations. 

For the chef — A restaurant chain guided daily by its Michelin-starred founder with culinary wisdom and advice carved into knife sets and cutting boards will preserve cherished recipes and culinary techniques.

For the lawyer — Pens engraved with a mentor's morals and values will inspire family and non-family members of the law firm to uphold the values under which the firm has practiced laws for generations.

Instill Business Morals and Values 

When employees are rallied around the same values, workplace productivity is higher. Yet most companies fail at aligning employee values with corporate culture.

Personalized desk mats — Personally chosen inspirational phrases have more meaning. When employees print personalized quotes on desk mats, and change the quotes and switch up the mats monthly, they bond around what has deep meaning to them.

Engraved teacups — Today's businesses want employees who are thoughtful and contemplative, not buzzed on caffeine. A few minutes a day to contemplate corporate values promotes cultural harmonization. 


Words can simply inspire. Inspired employees are motivated intrinsically to do a better job. 

Tablet and smartphone cases — People open their tablets and phones many times in a day to work and communicate. The attitude they bring to this task undoubtedly affects their performance. Elon Musk's words of wisdom, "Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough" may be incredibly motivating for an employee who has just failed at a task.

Business cardholder  This may be made of silver, gold, or the titanium you use in the products you sell. Forget the initials. Replace them with an inspirational phrase that promotes positivity and confidence when a business card is passed to a potential client.

For more information, contact a retailer that supplies personalized engraving gifts.


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