The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Girl-To-Woman Mentorship

Alexa Brooks

Women's empowerment starts with making sure girls feel equipped to make choices with their lives. Finding mentorship for girls is important to bridge the gap, especially for girls to be able to create a path for themselves and their future. If your business wants to get involved with a women's empowerment project, a mentorship program will help your business stand out amongst community service initiatives. Here are three reasons your business needs a mentorship program. 

Girls often feel ignored in classroom settings

It is common for girls to report that they feel ignored while in school. Many feel that teachers favor boy students and some feel that they are ignored when raising their hands or asking questions. Girls need to feel like an active participant in their learning process to get the most out of their education. Career women will have already gone through the different phases of education, from primary to secondary school, and will be able to offer tips and usable methods to girls so that they can feel more in control of their learning experience. 

Girls need someone who can relay experiences, good and bad

It can be hard for parents, family, and teachers to admit to mistakes that they have made in their past. This is often because they want to continue to be respected by their child or their student. With mentors, shared experiences — both good and bad — are very necessary. Mentors are able to be frank about bad decisions they made when they were going through school, starting their career, and even in their personal life that took away from their growth. Girls being able to borrow from these experiences can stop them from running into the same bad choices themselves. 

Women need to feel valuable

Mentoring younger girls clearly place a value on your women employees. Much of the time, female employees are considered team players and may tend to be a part of the group rather than feel like an individual. Having their own mentee to guide will help your women employees see their own worth to others and the world around them. All employees need a sense of empowerment and strength to run your company to the best of their abilities. Starting a mentorship program open to all women employees is a way to make sure that your employees can give back to the community and foster a sense of worth in themselves as well. 


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