The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

Benefits Of Above Ground Storm Shelters

Alexa Brooks

Storm shelters are more commonplace in areas where tornadoes and other extreme weather conditions tend to occur. However, many people have storm shelters no matter where they live because they see the benefit of having a safe place to keep their survival items and a place they can go to if something horrible should happen that would leave them needing somewhere safe to take refuge. There are above ground storm shelters and below ground shelters, and both offer their own set of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of going with an above ground storm shelter:

You can have a shelter when a below ground shelter isn't possible

You may not have the available land to put in a below ground shelter. You may also not have the resources to make a below ground storm shelter possible. If this is the case, then that above ground shelter will still offer you the ability to have one.

You don't own your land

If you don't own your own land, then you may not be allowed to put a shelter below the ground. Plus, you won't want to incur the expense to have a below ground shelter placed on someone else's land that you won't be able to take with you when you move. With a rental property, you can't really count on living there as long as you can when you own your own property.

You want something simple and smaller

You may not want to have something as elaborate and invasive as a shelter that is below the ground. Getting an above ground storm shelter is something you can get for less money and you can have set up quickly, without the need to have your property dug up to install it.

You can have fast access to it

When you have an above ground storm shelter, you can have it located somewhere you want it, whereas there may be specific areas you can't put a below ground one due to things like plumbing lines, below ground power lines, septic systems, etc. Above ground storm shelters can be outside, or they can be in a location like your basement, your garage, or somewhere else of your choosing. You may want them to be somewhere where it is easy for a disabled family member to access as well. You won't be as worried about not being able to get everyone inside quickly with an above ground shelter.


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