The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

Considering A Driver Job? Find A Staffing Agency To Connect With The Right Trucking Company For You

Alexa Brooks

With an increase in online shopping, communications, and transactions, the logistics business is booming, and truck drivers are wanted all over the nation. If you are considering driving a truck for a living and you aren't sure how to get started, you want to find a truck company that is hiring or a local employment agency that works with trucking companies around you.

Take the time to find out some information about a couple of companies before making a commitment. Inquire about these different things and talk about hours expected for work from each of the companies as well.

Ask About Training Compensation

If being a truck driver is something that interests you, but you don't want to pay for the training and schooling options, find a company that will compensate or pay you for the training in advance. There are companies that need drivers badly enough to invest in those who are willing to take the time to study, get their license, and train.

This is a great incentive to work for a specific company, and after your contract is up and you have worked for them, you have the training work for another trucking company or yourself. You can even find a staffing company and inquire about trucking companies that do this.

Compare Benefits

Before choosing what company to train with, you'll want to compare the benefit packages that are available. Benefits to entice you would include:

  • Medical benefits
  • 401k contribution
  • Overtime wages
  • Holiday pay
  • Retirement packages
  • Work availability

You want to go with the company that will make the most sense in the long run for your needs. You may also get a signing bonus for passing the training and becoming legally employable as a driver, which is a great bonus to start working as quickly as you can.

Some trucking companies will have a minimum amount of hours that they want you to work if you are going to be their employee, and others will let you work part-time if you choose, be sure you know these limits before you commit to a company. Getting trained to drive a semi-truck is a great tool to have for other future employment endeavors, and it gives you an opportunity to work your own hours if needed. Find a recruiter or driving job staffing services and explain to them how you want to train and what you want to do, and find the right trucking company for you.


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The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

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