The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

Three Reasons To Use Glass Post Caps On Your Porch Or Deck

Alexa Brooks

When you shop for post caps to install on your new porch or deck, those that are made of wood or metal might be the first designs that come to mind. A little more research, however, should reveal to you that there are many other types of post caps that can be appealing. One design that you may find is post caps that are made of glass. The glass isn't typically clear — instead, you'll usually find it in a variety of different colors. Here are three reasons to give strong consideration to glass post caps for your porch or deck.

You Can Match Them To Your House

A fun reason to choose glass post caps for your porch or deck is that you can match their color to one of the colors on your house. For example, if you have a red front door, consider red post caps made of glass for your front porch. Or, if you have a backyard swimming pool with a deck around it, consider blue glass post caps to tie into the look of the pool. If you're someone who enjoys matching colors in different areas of your home, this can be a fun project that gives you a favorable end result.

You Don't Need To Maintain Them

There are some types of post caps that require maintenance. While those that are made of wood have a lot of benefits, they require some upkeep over the years. For example, if you've painted them, you'll have to eventually repaint them because the paint will fade or flake. If you've stained them, future coats of stain may also be necessary. A big reason to choose glass post caps is that they don't require any maintenance. The most that you'll need to do for them is wipe them with a wet rag if they get dirty over time.

They Work Well With Lights

One of the things that you'll like about choosing glass post caps for your porch or deck is that they'll stand out well if you have lights on the deck. Whether you've added built-in lighting to the structure or you've simply woven a few strands of white lights around the structure during the holidays, the lights will cause the glass of your post caps to really stand out. This can go a long way toward making your home look inviting to guests as they pull into your driveway.

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