The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

5 Things To Examine When Buying A Used Firearm

Alexa Brooks

Buying a used gun is a good way to get what you want without the added expense. Here are a few things to check out when you are buying a pre-owned firearm.

Examine the overall appearance of the gun. 

You can tell a lot about how a gun has been maintained just by looking at its exterior. Take a look at the exterior and make sure the gun appears to have no spots of rust or corrosion on metal parts, look for scratches or dings on wooden parts, and look for signs of aftermarket changes. 

Take a close look at the barrel of the gun.

The barrel of the gun can sustain the most wear and tear because this is where the ammunition shoots through when the firearm is used. If a lot of ammo is fired with one gun, it can result in a lot of wear to the barrel. Plus, wear to the barrel can affect the accuracy of a shot. Take a good look inside the gun's barrel with a flashlight. Look for any deep-cut grooves, pitting, scarring, or corrosion.  

Check out the function of the gun. 

First, make sure the firearm is not loaded, but always make sure you check the functions of the firearm before you buy it. If you are looking at a revolver, for example, you would need to open the cylinder, spin it, and check that it will load properly. You would also want to cock the hammer and pull the trigger to make sure the firing mechanisms operate smoothly. 

Find out if parts and accessories are available for the gun. 

Do a quick Google search and find out if you can get replacement parts or desirable accessories to go with the firearm. Some gun owners sell a used gun because they have a hard time sourcing things they need or want for it. You don't want to get a gun home and realize it is a model that does not allow you to repair it properly or get the accessories you want to go with it. 

Examine the small parts and components of the gun. 

Every gun has really small parts and components that are almost hard to spot with a naked eye unless you know exactly what it is you are looking for. Things like small screws or bushings attaching the barrel to the stock or tiny fittings on the site on top should all be examined. Make sure the parts are securely in place and fit well.


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