The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

Three Things About Mailing Tubes That Are Really Cool

Alexa Brooks

Mailing tubes are cool. It does not matter who you are; you cannot look at a mailing tube and not be impressed. There is just something keenly fascinating about this tube of cardboard or plastic that can hold something precious to you. If you need any more reasons to think that these tubes are cool, here are a few of those reasons. 

They Will Keep Whatever You Put Inside Dry

The cardboard tubes are either so thick that most water or moisture cannot seep all the way through to what you have inside the tube, or they are coated in an outer layer of waterproof paper tape. The plastic ones are definitely waterproof, and they are made of really hard plastic so that they will not crack or break when dropped or thrown at something. Store everything from original art on paper or canvas to posters you hung in your room as a teenager, and they will all stay in near-mint condition (with the exception of rolling flat again). 

You Can Put Three-Dimensional Objects in There Too

Do not let the concept of having to roll up a 2D item to place in a tube stop you from using these tubes for 3D objects. Tennis balls, rocks, sand from your favorite beach, and hundreds of other things can be stored in these tubes, too. As long as the dimensions of the object are not wider or longer than the mailing tube itself, you can put it in the tube for safekeeping. 

They Have Unbeatable Sound in Terms of a Percussion Instrument

If you have never considered this use of mailing tubes, you might want to give it a try, especially if you are a music teacher. Sound travels and echoes through these tubes in the form of vibrations when the tubes are struck. Cut several tubes into various lengths, and you have the perfect percussion organ. Your students (if you are a music teacher) will be amazed at how such an ordinary everyday object can be a musical instrument, but that in itself opens the door to a conversation about how almost anything really could be a musical instrument. If you are a lover of science or a teacher of science, you can examine sound and sound waves using mailing tubes, too. It is a very fun way to explore alternative uses for a common object. 

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