The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

The Day-to-Day of Running Your Business

How To Score That College Football Scholarship You're Dreaming Of Earning

Alexa Brooks

Now that you're in high school, it's time to start going after that college football scholarship you've been dreaming of earning. Here are a few things you can start doing now to help turn your scholarship dream into a reality:

Create an Online Profile

Recruiters start looking at football players when they first enter high school, even if they don't plan to contact those players until senior year. So take the time to set up an online profile now and start grabbing the attention of recruiters before your senior year if possible. This will give recruiters time to learn about your experience, your record, and your aspirations.

They can keep tabs on your development and get to know your playing style through online videos as time goes on. With any luck, recruiters will have a clear understanding of what they'll be getting if they decide to recruit you, and you'll have a few knocking on your door as you finish your high school years to talk about playing football for their colleges.

Get in Contact With Coaches

You don't have to wait for college coaches and recruiters to contact you in order to start a conversation about playing for their teams. Don't be afraid to contact the coaches at colleges you want to go to and let them know of your interest in playing on their football teams. Offer to send them a portfolio and a link to your online profile so they can check your work out. Email them a copy of your grades and a letter of intention.

And provide the coaches with updates when something of significance changes, like you earning a new spot on your high school football team or you achieve an educational honor of some kind. By the time recruiting season comes around during your junior and senior years, those coaches you've been communicating with just might send their recruiters your way.

Be Present Whenever Possible

Put yourself out there whenever you can so coaches and recruiters have a lot of opportunity to take notice of you. Attend all of the big football games in your area where recruiters would be present and hand out little cards with your contact information and a link to your online profile on them.

Attend recruiting events even if you aren't from the high schools the recruiters are currently looking at. And attend your high school's baseball, basketball, and hockey games to network. Recruiters for those teams might take notice of you and pass your information off to football recruiters at the colleges they work for.

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